Edgewater: The Epitome of Lakeside Luxury

Edgewater redefines the essence of luxury living in its expansive 3874 SF layout. This majestic plan, featuring 5 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, is a true masterpiece of architectural excellence. Designed for those who seek unparalleled elegance and space, each room in Edgewater radiates sophistication and style. The grand living area, combined with a gourmet kitchen, creates an ideal setting for entertaining and family gatherings, while the luxurious bedrooms offer private sanctuaries of comfort and tranquility.
Edgewater is more than a home; it’s a lifestyle statement for those who aspire for nothing but the best. The master suite, a lavish retreat within the home, provides unmatched privacy and luxury. This plan is perfect for large families or individuals with a penchant for grandiose living. Imagine your life at Edgewater, where every day is an indulgence in lakeside opulence and every sunset brings a sense of accomplishment and joy.

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Embrace Unmatched Lakeside Elegance: Download the Edgewater Plan

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